DC Infrastructure

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The video explosion, Big Data, and mobile devices are driving unprecedented growth demands for bandwidth on service providers and on Data centers. New network deployments need to be able to quickly scale and reconfigure their topology on demand to optimize the use of network and computing resources.
To this end, Azuba proposes a specific photonic technology that can be used as part of the transport layer for networks based on SDN (Software defined Network), providing an optical switching circuit within the Data Center to run in parallel with the packet switching network to support large flows of data demand. The unique value of this technology is to be independent of protocol and bit rate, allowing the network topology to scale up to speeds beyond 100G without any configuration change.
Also it can be used for the Patch Panel automation, implementing a topology of optical switching that automate changes and movement tasks that otherwise would be manually done. Also, it is recommended to be used to design “Meet-me-Rooms” where network assets are safely shared, and the provision of connectivity to previously separate networks is facilitated.
Azuba propose this architecture to put the capacity of the network where is more needed, offering significant costs savings in the optimization of traditional networks.
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