All-Flash Storage

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All analysts agree that storage will be All-Flash in a short period of time but, are all equal solutions? Are they just faster than HDD or hybrid solutions?

Azuba can help you with the choice. The All-Flash solutions we represent are designed to provide to applications sub-mili-second response times, reduce operating costs in two ways; simplifying the management and administration of the storage and including features of efficiency (deduplication, compression and Thin Provisioning) that significantly reduce the consumption of space, energy, air conditioning, etc., all at a very competitive price.

At this moment, it is difficult to choose the best All-Flash solution but if you need to ensure your application process execution times, you are willing to enjoy the advantages that provides a cloud environment, your servers or desktops are virtualized, or you want to consolidate your storage by eliminating the current silos, we can help you with the choice.

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