Quality Policy

Quality Policy

Azuba is a company dedicated to the sale and distribution of the most advanced Information technologies and services.

As a company aware of the importance to prioritize concepts of quality and attention to the customer to ensure the competitiveness and growth of our Organization, we have designed the present quality policy, with the following key principles to be met by our company:

• Our customers are our top priority and we strive every day to achieve their satisfaction by adapting our services to their needs.

• For it, Azuba boasts first tier suppliers in the field of technologies worldwide, working with experts from five continents to offer the solutions technologically most advanced and secured at all times to our customers.

 • Comply with all the requirements imposed by our customers, as well as all those of type legal and any other applicable in the field of the quality and the service that were required to us.

 • Stays a feedback with customers for the continuous improvement of our processes.

 • Involve, motivate and engage staff to engage in the company, as well as their training, motivation and communication.

 • Our great demand at the time of choose to our suppliers makes that the services that we provide are of maximum warranty.

 • Ensure continuous improvement, while maintaining efficient and effective system to verify the commitment with customers, looking for better internal organization of work for this purpose.

Our quality policy is constantly evolving, so it is reviewed for continuing suitability, at all times, framework of the objectives defined by the organization.


In, Madrid to 1st of January of 2014