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All-Flash Storage

All analysts agree that storage will be All-Flash in a short period of time but, are all equal solutions? Are they just faster than HDD or hybrid solutions?

Azuba can help you with the choice. The All-Flash solutions we represent are designed to provide to applications sub-mili-second response times, reduce operating costs in two ways; simplifying the management and administration of the storage and including features of efficiency (deduplication, compression and Thin Provisioning) that significantly reduce the consumption of space, energy, air conditioning, etc., all at a very competitive price. (more…)

DC Infrastructure

The video explosion, Big Data, and mobile devices are driving unprecedented growth demands for bandwidth on service providers and on Data centers. New network deployments need to be able to quickly scale and reconfigure their topology on demand to optimize the use of network and computing resources.
To this end, Azuba proposes a specific photonic technology that can be used as part of the transport layer for networks based on SDN (Software defined Network), providing an optical switching circuit within the Data Center to run in parallel with the packet switching network to support large flows of data demand. (more…)

Ethical Hacking Services

Do you really know how vulnerable are your websites? Your Apps? Or your networks? We can help you.
In Azuba we know how important it is security for your organization and how easy your business and reputation might be compromised by a small security breach.
In these times, it is no longer valid to be PCI security compliant. The damage can be made using any vulnerability of any of your websites, even of the less important one.
Our approach is quite new and has advantages that make it unique against any other ethical hacking service from the market. We offer: (more…)

What it is said about us

“In my opinion the Campofrio IT department must provide to the all company, customers, suppliers, partners and distribution companies a range of value services to make Campofrio the most competitive in the food market. A key element has to be the security in the web transactions, this is the reason we have signed this contract with Azuba and iViZ, they will help us to do our sites more secures and will save time and money to invest in other IT areas to give value to our business.”

Nuria Simó CIO@Campofrío Food Group

“Azuba’s partnership with ZinnoX is proving to be an asset to both companies and the customers are reaping the benefits of this extremely nurtured and fruitful partnership.” 

Zakeer Hussain Founder@ZinnoX

Our people

Azuba is a Spanish organization created in 2012 with the goal of providing innovative Information Technology products and services for the Spanish market. Azuba was born as response to the need the organizations have of aligning with new technologies and services to improve its efficiency and competitiveness in the market.
Azuba is a company that relies on a network of partners, Companies, experts, and specialized professionals that complement their strengths, providing IT services of maximum value to its customers at highly competitive pricing.
Azuba combines its own expertise with technological partners and services in a close collaboration platform that acts as a multilevel model which generates a multiplier effect of the knowledge and experience making it available to its customers.
Our teams of experts will propose you the appropriate solutions that will allow your Company to focus exclusively in the business, providing the orientation and the strategic and of management support necessary in the areas of Information Technologies. Azuba offers solutions and professionals being always properly adapted to your needs.

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